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How do you switch from OD to ID chucking on a turning center?

How would you go about programming I.D. chucking on a Fortune V-turn 26 with Fanuc 18 since there is not a physical switch to change from O.D. chucking. Thank you, Marc Surie


If you're machine does not have a physical switch that allows you to change from OD to ID chucking (and vise versa), it's likely that the machine tool builder has included two M codes for this purpose. Check the machine's list of M codes to find those related to clamping direction. Frankly speaking, more and more machine tool builders are not supplying the physical switch, since if this switch is thrown during the machine's operation, the results could be disastrous. M codes help them avoid switch interfacing headaches.

Keep in mind that even if you have M codes for clamping direction, most machine tool builders do not intend that you use them in a program. Instead, you must command their execution in the manual data input (MDI) mode. Again, this gives you the ability to reverse clamping direction but keeps it safe and easy for the machine tool builder to provide clamping direction reversal.

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