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How Can You Tell if Your Machine Has Custom Macro?

Updated: May 13, 2019

Throughout this website, we talk a lot about parametric programming. The most popular version of parametric programming is FANUC's Custom Macro. Many control manufacturers (including Haas, Mistubishi, Mazak, Yasnac, and Seikos) use Custom Macro as their version of parametric programming.

But for most controls, Custom Macro is an option. It doesn't come standard with the control. However, many machine tool builders include Custom Macro in the standard package of options they include with the machines they sell, especially if the machine has some special accessory like a probing system.

So how do you tell if a given CNC has Custom Macro? One universal way is to perform a simple test in the MDI mode. In the manual data input (MDI) mode, simply enter and execute the command

Remember that most FANUC controls require that you terminate MDI commands with a semicolon (;). If the control has Custom Macro, it will execute this command without generating an alarm. If it does not, an alarm will be sounded (something like "unrecognizable address").

Additionally, if the machine has Custom Macro B, you should be able to find a display screen that shows the Custom Macro variables. With FANUC CNCs, it will either be in the OFFSET or SETTING display screen pages. Look for the soft key labeled "MACRO".

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