Online Classes

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Some of our basic CNC conline classes are similar to FANUC Certified online classes but do not provide a FANUC-recognized certificate of completion. In addition, we provide two approaches to learn CNC based upon whether you have shop experience or not. We also have online classes for advanced CNC topics.

Shop Practices CNC Classes

Topics for these classes deal mostly with basic machining practices.

CNC Classes - two approaches

Which of the two approaches you choose will depend upon how much previous shop (basic machining practice) experience you have.

First approach: If you have NO previous shop experience, start with one of these classes:



And if you also want to learn programming, follow up with:



Second approach: If you do have previous shop experience, take one of these classes:




Advanced CNC Classes

We also offer classes to help CNC people that already have experience working with CNC.

Learn what it takes to make setups and complete production runs!  

Again, these classes assume you have experience with basic machining practices related to the type of CNC machine you want to learn about, and that you understand G-code programming for the kind of machine you will be working with.

Your instructor:

Mike Lynch has been teaching CNC-related courses and seminars for over thirty years. If you work around CNC machines, you or someone you know has probably attended one of his excellent presentations. Now Mike's courses are available on line . Just about everything done in his face-to-face courses is being done in these on-line courses - and you'll be able to attend from the comfort of your own home or office!