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Parametric Programming with FANUC Custom Macro

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This on-line course will help you master what it takes to create Custom Macro programs for CNC machining centers and turning centers.

Custom Macro provides countless benefits for CNC users. Just about every facet of your CNC environment can be enhanced by incorporating methods afforded by Custom Macro. All CNC people should understand its benefits and be able to recognize its applications. Better still, they should be able to implement improvements when an application is found.

You must do everything you can to gain an edge in today's competitive manufacturing environment. Given the current global market, you must find ways to become more productive with fewer resources. Few alternatives provide as many productivity-improving benefits for a smaller investment of time, effort, and money as FANUC Custom Macro. Custom Macro can help you, among many other things:

  • reduce machine down-time between production runs (setup reduction)

  • reduce production run time (cycle time reduction)

  • reduce tool maintenance time (dull tool replacement, trial machining, and sizing)

  • simplify complex tasks performed by setup people and operators

  • set error-traps for costly mistakes

  • shorten program verification time

  • simplify program creation, especially with part-families

  • create canned cycles for unique machining operations

  • automate sizing adjustments during long periods of unattended operation

  • interface accessory devices with your CNC machine/s

  • create tool life monitoring systems

  • invent compensation types that are unique to your needs

  • track machine usage and provide productivity monitoring data


The list of productivity-enhancing Custom Macro benefits is impressive, limited only by your own ingenuity. Before you can implement any improvement, of course, you must know that it is possible to do so. This class provides countless ideas and suggestions that will stir your creative juices -- real-world applications that you can start using today.

Of course we show the syntax for each Custom Macro function and command. The FANUC manual does that. But this class goes much further. We show implications related to when and why each Custom Macro function can be used. And we show plenty of application examples to drive the concepts home.

When you are finished, not only will you understand the syntax of the Custom Macro language, you will have access to many application programs that are used in industry, and you will be ready to tackle even the most complex of applications on your own.

Pre-Requisites We Recommend

While we make no assumptions regarding a student's prior understanding of computer programming or Custom Macro, we do assume that students understand G code level programming as it applies to CNC machining centers and turning centers.

Scope of Our Content

The content is comprehensive. We cover the computer-programming-related as well as CNC-related features of Custom Macro.

When you complete this class, you'll know how develop Custom Macro programs for all five application categories:

  • Part families

  • User created canned cycles

  • Utilities

  • Complex motions

  • Driving accessory devices


Estimated time to completion

We estimate that students will average approximately 25 hours to complete each class, including time to study the materials, to take the tests, and to do the exercises. Actual time will vary, of course, based upon the student's aptitude.


There are eight lessons in this class. Additionally, there are reading materials for two appendixes.

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Custom Macro

  • Lesson 2: Variables

  • Lesson 3: Arithmetic

  • Lesson 4: Program flow control (logic)

  • Lesson 5: Creating loops

  • Lesson 6: System variables

  • Lesson 7: Other features of Custom Macro

  • Lesson 8: Approaching/verifying Custom Macro applications

  • Appendix A: Developing part family applications

  • Appendix B: Introduction to spindle touch probes


On-Line Content

Our on-line system provides a robust eLearning environment. Included are narrated presentations, reading materials, tests, and programming activities.


The content of this course is also available with a hard-copy self-study manual and CD-rom disk. See the Industry and Individuals page for more information.

Need More Information?

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