Product: Online Class

Turning Center Setup and Operation

CNC lathe machine (Turning machine) cutt
  • Assumes you have no previous shop experience

  • Learn how to setup and run the most popular type of metal-cutting CNC equipment!

  • Task-oriented approach

  • Twelve activity-packed lessons

  • Narrated presentations with an easy-to-use media player

  • Mobile-device friendly

  • Printable reading material (over 200 pages)

  • Save-able reading material for for future reference

  • A test to take after each lesson - grading is automatic and immediate

  • On-going, self-paced course - enroll and begin at any time!

  • Take up to 60 days to finish

  • Personal assistance from your facilitator, Mike Lynch

  • Silent version available for hearing impaired (or if your computer has no audio)

  • Includes certificate upon successful completion!

  • A great training value! Enroll today!

This course will help you master what it takes to setup and run a CNC turning center.  We begin in a basic manner - assuming you have no previous experience in a machine shop.  We even provide information about the basic machining practices, a topic often set as a prerequisite to learning CNC.  We then dig deep - addressing all topics you must understand in order to setup and run a machine.

There are four Key Concepts that are further divided into twelve lessons:

1) Get ready to learn about CNC turning centers

  • Lesson One: Basic machining practices required for turning centers

  • Lesson Two: What does a CNC turning center do?

2) Know your machine from a setup person’s or operator’s viewpoint

  • Lesson Three: General flow of CNC process

  • Lesson Four: Machine configurations

  • Lesson Five: Understanding the control panels

  • Lesson Six: Important procedures needed to run the machine


3) Know the three compensation types

  • Lesson Seven: Understanding compensation

  • Lesson Eight: Geometry offsets and assigning program zero

  • Lesson Nine: Wear offsets

  • Lesson Ten: Tool nose radius compensation


4) Master the tasks to run a CNC machining center

  • Lesson Eleven: Tasks related to making setups

  • Lesson Twelve: Tasks related to completing a production run


Each lesson includes a presentation, reading material (a portion of the manual), and a test that will be graded.  If you have questions during a lesson, answers are just an email away.

When you complete this class, you'll know what it takes to setup and run a CNC turning center.  While you will still need hands-on practice with an actual machine (practice you'll get from your employer), you will understand the concepts needed to setup and run a machine.


OLC-TCSO ~ Turning Center Setup and Operation On-Line Class ~ $149.00