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On-line CNC Classes

We've just updated all of our on-line classes.  They are no longer being hosted by eLearningZoom.com.  Instead, they are being hosted by iSpringOnline.com.  Most classes now include audio narrations and we've added two new classes.  A certificate of completion is still included in the price.  All have been developed and are facilitated by industry-expert Mike Lynch.

Basic CNC Classes - two approaches

Which of the two approaches you choose will depend upon how much previous shop (basic machining practice) experience you have.

FIRST APPROACH: If you have NO previous shop experience, start with

Machining Center Setup and Operation ($99.00 including certificate)


Turning Center Setup and Operation ($99.00 including certificate)
Learn what it takes to make setups and complete production runs!  These classes start with two lessons about basic machining practices as they relate to the machine being covered by the class.  We then address what it takes to get a machine up and running as well as how to complete a production run.

And follow up with

Machining Center Programming ($119.00 including certificate)


Turning Center Programming ($119.00 including certificate)
Once you have completed a setup and operation class, or if you are only interested in programming, these classes will teach you what it takes to program a CNC machine using manual programming techniques (G code level).

SECOND APPROACH: If you do have previous shop experience, take one of these classes

Machining Center Programming, Setup, and Operation ($199.00 including certificate)


Turning Center Programming, Setup, and Operation ($199.00 including certificate)
Again, these classes assume you have experience with basic machining practices related to the type of CNC machine you want to learn about.  We tackle all three tasks you must master in one class.  We begin with programming, but any time we come across a programming topic that relates to setup and operation (like program zero, tool length compensation, cutter radius compensation, etc.), we address it right away.  We then address what it takes to get a machine up and running - and keep it running during a production run.

Advanced CNC Classes

We also offer classes to help CNC people that already have experience working with CNC.

Parametric Programming for CNC Machining and Turing Centers ($129.00 including certificate)
Learn custom macro B, user task 2, and macro -- all from this comprehensive course!
Advanced CNC Techniques with Basic Features ($129.00 including certificate)
Discover tricks and short-cuts that will reduce setup and cycle time, shorten programs, improve your CNC environment, and in general, enhance your understanding of CNC!
Getting More From Your CNC Machines ($129.00 including certificate)
Learn how to improve the utilization of your CNC machine tools!

Mike Lynch has been teaching CNC-related courses and seminars for over twenty-five years. If you work around CNC machines, you or someone you know has probably attended one of his excellent presentations. Now Mike's courses are available on line . Just about everything done in his face-to-face courses will be done in the on-line courses - and you'll be able to attend from the comfort of your own home or office!

More general information:

A note about fire-walls:

These classes require that you download Adobe Acrobat files to your computer. This means your computer will have to allow files to be received. Fire-walls can prevent file transfer. If your computer has a fire-wall, as long as you have control of it you will be able to enable the transfer of files (stop any blocking) while you are on the iSpringOnline.com web site. But if you will be using a computer that is part of a larger network (like in a public library), be sure the network allows you to enable file transfer.