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FANUC CNC certification qualifies students to be productive right out of the gate for industry leading jobs to program, setup and use the world’s most popular CNCs. The curriculum, developed jointly by CNC Concepts, Inc. and FANUC America, ensures that students learn the skills that industry demands and is an important part of FANUC Certified Education CNC Training. CNC Concepts, Inc. is the approved FANUC America curriculum provider.

While there are other requirements for becoming a FANUC Certified school, the information on this web site explains the FANUC America approved curriculum. We cover the two most popular metal-cutting machines: CNC machining centers (mills) and CNC turning centers (lathes). Most CNC teaching schools are encouraged by local industry to teach the use of these machines.

Students with average aptitude will spend about 30 hours working through each of these curriculums.

CNC Curriculum

Machining center programming, set up and operation curriculum
This curriculum emphasizes three-axis vertical machining centers and four axis horizontal machining centers. It includes content for rotary axes, which are required for five axis machining centers.

Turning center programming, set up and operation curriculum
This curriculum emphasizes two axis, fixed headstock turning centers. It also includes content for live tooling and the C-axis, as are required for mill/turn machines.

Parametric programming with FANUC Custom Macro
This curriculum teaches how to enhance what can be done with G-code programs. Students will learn how to use all computer-related and CNC-related features of Custom Macro, which is the most popular version of parametric programming.

FANUC Usage and Maintenance

This curriculum teaches a variety of general  CNC operation and maintenance tasks. Students learn how to diagnose and remedy common alarms and troubleshoot the CNC when issues arise.

The FANUC Simulator

The FANUC Simulator is a stand-alone FANUC CNC that can model the two most popular types of metal cutting CNC machines: machining centers and turning centers (one at a time). Simulator operation is exactly the same as it is for a FANUC 0iF, or any 30 series FANUC CNC. If a student can master a task with the simulator, they will be able to do so on an actual CNC machine with a FANUC CNC.

A separate procedural manual, Learning to Operate a FANUC CNC with the FANUC Simulator, is available that will familiarize students with common operation tasks.


NCGuide Academic

NCGuide academic packages are FANUC CNC software running on a PC, providing a 100% authentic operation and part programming environment at a fraction of the cost. Comprehension and retention is enhanced as students perform repetitive hand-on exercises in an ergonomically friendly environment with 24/7

access.  Students can practice common procedures, complete assignment and experiment safely with minimum supervision and without risks to people, tooling or machines.

More About the FANUC Certified CNC Training Program

This is comprehensive curriculum for FANUC Certified Education CNC Training. It teaches what it takes to program, set up, and run CNC machine tools. The program ensures that students learn the skills that industry demands from FANUC certified instructors, using the FANUC approved curriculum on genuine FANUC equipment.

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