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FANUC Usage and Maintenance

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The Course

This course is only available using the on-line delivery option (there is no off-line delivery option). It relates the fundamentals of FANUC CNCs. It is appropriate to all experience levels, from entry-level to experienced CNC people. It is relevant to anyone working with CNC, including operators, programmers, maintainers, engineers, and  managers. It should be considered as prerequisite to more advanced service and maintenance classes.

Content and lessons 

This class is divided into seven lessons:

  1. Introduction: machine configurations, control designations, documentation, history, manufacturing process, and CNC functions

  2. CNC Screen Review: terminology, function keys, soft keys, operator's panels, state display, various display screens

  3. Memory Operations: parameter write enable, memory backup, memory restore

  4. System Hardware: CNC hardware, servo hardware, spindle hardware, hardware alarms

  5. PMC Ladder Logic: address types, basic ladder logic, search menu, screen setting display, PMC status display, PMC alarm display, PMC parameter display, setting display, machine alarm troubleshooting, M codes

  6. CNC Troubleshooting: general troubleshooting, CNC alarm categories, CNC alarm troubleshooting, CNC system alarms, Operation failures, warning messages

  7. G-code Programming: basic G codes, part program format, mill canned cycles, lathe canned cycles, common program alarms


Each student will receive a FANUC Certified certificate-of-completion credential after they successfully complete this class. 

NCGuide is required

This class provides lots of practice. Students will need to modify CNC settings, work with PMC ladder logic, enter and run programs, and in general, gain experience running a FANUC CNC. NCGuide is FANUC CNC software running on a PC, meaning students will have a virtual FANUC CNC for practicing during the class.

A special NCGuide machine composition file is provided for this class.

NOTE: NCGuide comes on a CD rom disc and must be physically delivered. While we can usually register students into on-line classes within a day of receiving an order, it will take a few business days to receive NCGuide. 

Estimated time to completion

We estimate that students will average approximately 40 hours to complete this class, including time to study the materials, to do the NCGuide exercises, and to take the tests. Actual time will vary, of course, based upon the student's aptitude.

On-Line Content

Our on-line system provides a robust eLearning environment. Included are narrated presentations, reading materials, tests, and NCGuide exercises. The reading materials (a .pdf file) can be saved and retained for future reference.

Need More Information about our curriculums?

Contact us by phone (847-639-8847) or email ( if you have any questions about this FANUC Certified Education CNC Curriculum. We can provide you with temporary access to an actual class so you can get a first-hand understanding of how the system works. Call now!

Contact the Distributor in Your Area for Pricing

The FANUC-America Education Authorized Reseller in your area can provide you with much more information about FANUC Certification, including discounted pricing for schools.

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