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Router Programming, Setup, and Operation

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3 CD-rom disks, 300 page manual, and workbook (answer book not shown)

This course is presented using our proven key concepts approach, which allows us to stress the reasons why things are done as importantly as howthey're done. The key concepts also help keep a light at the end of the tunnel, since if you can master ten important concepts, you're well on your way to becoming proficient with CNC routers and woodworking machining centers.

Our primary goal is to help students become proficient with CNC routers and woodworking machining centers in three important areas: programming, setup, and operation. We've even made the setup and operation portion of the course in a self-contained manner, since we assume some students will only be interested in running (not necessarily programming) this equipment.

We do assume that students viewing this course have a basic knowledge of woodworking - and understand the operations that routers can perform (drilling, routing, etc.). Truly, this kind of person already knows what they want the machine to do - it is a relatively simple matter of learning how to tell the machine what it is they want it to do! When it comes to CNC, we assume nothing. Using a building blocks approach, we'll explain how to program, setup, and operate CNC routers and woodworking machining centers from the ground up.


CNC Controls Covered

This course is built around the most popular control in the industry - Fanuc. When it comes to programming, there is very little that varies from one model to the next - and we do point out these minor differences. When it comes to operation, we include a series of operation handbooks (right in the student manual) that cover several popular controls. Since Fanuc is so popular, many control manufacturers claim to be Fanuc-compatible (Yasnac, Mitsubishi, Delta Tau, Flashcut, among others).

Course Includes:

  • Presented by Mike Lynch

  • Courseware on 3 CD-ROM disks

  • 12 hours, 30 minutes of presentation

  • Computer generated graphics and animations

  • 23 lessons

  • Easy navigation

  • Tutorial manual (300 pages)

  • 74 page workbook containing 23 exercises and 9 programming activities

  • Answer book

  • Free phone assistance



  • 1: Machine configurations 43:25

  • 2: Flow of the programming process 26:25

  • 3: Visualizing program execution 16:45

  • 4: Understanding program zero 23:10

  • 5: Locating the program zero point 18:20

  • 6: Two ways to assign program zero 10:40

  • 7: Introduction to programming words 33:35

  • 8: The importance of preparation 23:35

  • 9: Motion Types 36:50

  • 10: Introduction to compensation 12:10

  • 11: Tool length compensation 30:25

  • 12: Router radius compensation 56:05

  • 13: Fixture offsets 23:40

  • 14: Program formatting 16:30

  • 15: Four kinds of program format 56:25

  • 16: Canned cycles 44:20

  • 17: Sub-programming 20:45

  • 18: Other special features of programming 57:25

  • 19: Setup and operation tasks 61:40

  • 20: Buttons and switches 27:55

  • 21: The thee modes of operation 19:10

  • 22: The key operation procedures 41:45

  • 23: Safely verifying and running programs 35:40


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CDR-RPO ~ CNC router CD-rom course ~ $349.00

CC-RPO-M ~ Extra manual for above ~ $70.00 

CC-RPO-W ~ Extra workbook and answer book for above ~ $49.90 

Multiple course discount: We offer a substantial discount for each additional (identical) course purchased. First course $349.00 (full price). Each additional Router Programming, Setup & Operation course: $150.00. Each additional course includes the CDs, an extra manual, and an extra workbook (no extra answer book is included with multiple orders since but one person can check checking answers). If you order five courses of the same title, for example, the total price will be $949.00 and will include five CDs, five manuals, five workbooks, and ONE answer book.