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Product: Self-Study Manual

Router Programming and Operation

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  • Soft bound

  • Comprehensive manual to learn CNC router programming and operation

  • 300 pages

  • Written by Mike Lynch and published by CNC Concepts, Inc.

  • $70.00

  • Get the workbook and answer booklet ($49.95) and turn this manual into an inexpensive self-study course!

If you want to learn safe, proven, and accepted methods for programming and operating CNC routers, you can’t afford to miss this key concepts approach to learning how to apply CNC routers centers in manufacturing. This course utilizes this unique approach to introduce you to the method of programming and operation that can be applied to all kinds of CNC routers, including the more manual styles (tools loaded manually) as well as full-blown woodworking machining centers.

This essential tutorial offers step by step coverage of the most popular form of woodworking CNC equipment in a way that anyone can understand. While we do assume the student possesses a knowledge of woodworking, there are no CNC prerequisites. Whether you already work for a manufacturing company that uses CNC routers, or if you are trying to learn enough to secure a position in a CNC-using company, this course will provide you with the skills you need to ensure safe, smooth operation of CNC machine tools.

Note that all specific examples in this manual are shown in the format for the most popular CNC control - FANUC. Also, note that many control manufacturers claim to be Fanuc-compatible (Yasnac & Mitsubishi, among others). And even if you don't have any Fanuc controlled routers, remember that programming techniques remain remarkably similar among CNC machine types. This manual should nicely introduce you to CNC routers, regardless of what control your company is using.

Lessons included in manual:

  • 1: Machine configurations 

  • 2: Flow of the programming process 

  • 3: Visualizing program execution 

  • 4: Understanding program zero 

  • 5: Locating the program zero point 

  • 6: Two ways to assign program zero

  • 7: Introduction to programming words 

  • 8: The importance of preparation 

  • 9: Motion Types

  • 10: Introduction to compensation

  • 11: Tool length compensation 

  • 12: Router radius compensation

  • 13: Fixture offsets 

  • 14: Program formatting 

  • 15: Four kinds of program format 

  • 16: Canned cycles 

  • 17: Sub-programming 

  • 18: Other special features of programming 

  • 19: Setup and operation tasks 

  • 20: Buttons and switches 

  • 21: The thee modes of operation

  • 22: The key operation procedures

  • 23: Safely verifying and running programs 


CC-RPO-M ~ CNC router manual ~ $70.00 

CC-RPO-WA ~ Workbook/answer combo for above ~ $49.90 

Note: This product is not available for delivery by downloading.

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