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Cycle Time Reduction for CNC

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6 hour CD-rom, CD jacket, and 145 page manual

Minimize the time it takes to complete a production run!

During any CNC machine’s usage, there are really only two activities. Either machines are in setup or they are running production. Setup time is the total time the machine is down between production runs. Cycle time is the time it takes to complete a production run divided by the number of good workpieces produced. And anything that adds to the length of time it takes to complete a production run should be fair game for your cycle time reduction program!

During production runs, machines are supposed to be producing. Yet there may be activities occurring that are not very productive. In this six hour course, we'll show many techniques that will help you keep machines in cycle for as great a percentage of time as possible.

We begin by presenting preliminary information, including basic premises that will help you understand how to improve machine utilization. Included are presentations on justification issues and resources you have available to reduce cycle time. Since your cycle time reduction program will require an investment in time, effort, and/or money, we also address justification issues.

We then present principles of cycle time reduction, including the two tasks types related to running production, the three ways to reduce cycle time, and the four steps to reducing cycle time. We also present how to make wise decisions about which machine/s to work on first based upon eliminating company-wide and department-wide constraints.

Finally, we show countless specific techniques you can apply to reduce cycle time in the approximate order that production runs are completed. Included are presentations on preparation and organization, workpiece loading, program execution, workpiece unloading, other tasks that are done during every cycle, sizing adjustments, dull tool replacement, and other tasks done during a production run. While there may be some tasks going on in your own CNC environment during production runs that we don't discuss, this course should give you a great way to begin your cycle time reduction program, both in theory and in practical application.


We address the two most popular forms of metal-cutting CNC machine tools - machining centers and turning centers. When appropriate, we separate presentations for the purpose of clarity. However, since you may be interested in only one machine type or the other, a few presentations during workpiece sizing and dull tool replacement are duplicated for both machine types.

Course Includes:

  • Presented by Mike Lynch

  • Courseware on 1 CD-ROM disk

  • Six hours of presentation

  • 145 page companion manual

  • Printable cycle time reduction form

  • 7 printable handouts totaling about 15 pages (including cycle time reduction form)

  • Presentations for cycle time reduction principles and specific techniques for reducing cycle time

  • PowerPoint viewer is included

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is included

  • Free phone assistance


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CDR-CTR ~ Cycle Time Reduction CD-rom course ~ $249.00

CC-CTR-M ~ Extra manual for above ~ $60.00

CDR-CTR-D ~ Cycle Time Reduction CD-rom courseware only ~ $199.00

CDR-CTR-STR ~ Combo: Cycle Time Reduction & Setup Reduction CD-rom courses ~ $399.00 


Multiple course discount: We offer a substantial discount for each additional (identical) course purchased. First course $249.00 (full price). Each additional Cycle Time Reduction course: $120.00. If you order five courses, for example, the total price will be $729.00 and will include five CDs and five companion manuals.