Product: CD-Rom Course

Turning Center Programming, Setup, and Operation


422 page manual, 106 page workbook, 6 hour CD-rom, and CD jacket (answer book not shown)

CNC turning centers are among the most popular types of CNC machine tools. Most companies that have any CNC machines have at least one. Unfortunately, companies are finding it more and more difficult to find and hire qualified CNC people. Many are realizing that they must provide extensive training to new hires and provide at least some continuing training to established employees.

This affordable courseware makes it possible to train CNC people from scratch. While we assume the student has some basic machining practice experience, we assume nothing about their previous CNC skills. Using our proven key concepts approach, we bring students up to speed gradually – constantly building upon previously presented information – and we stress the reasons why things are done as importantly as how they’re done. Six of the ten key concepts are most related to programming, and four are related to setup and operation.


We further divide the key concepts into twenty-eight lessons. Lessons range from under five minutes to just over twenty minutes in length (total course presentation time is five hours fifty-two minutes on one CD-rom).

All examples are shown in the format for the most popular control in the industry – the Fanuc control. Note that many control manufacturers claim to be Fanuc-compatible.

When the full course is purchased, this courseware includes everything your people need to learn CNC turning center programming setup, and operation - and it can be used over and over again to teach others in your company about CNC turning center usage.

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Full Course Includes:

  • Presented by Mike Lynch

  • Courseware on 1 CD-ROM disk

  • 5 hours, 52 minutes of presentation

  • 28 lessons

  • Tutorial manual (422 pages)

  • Workbook containing 28 exercises and 12 programming activities

  • Answer book

  • Free phone assistance

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CDR-TCPO ~ Turning center CD-rom course ~ $269.00 

CC-TCPO-M ~ Extra manual for above ~ $80.00

CC-TCPO-W ~ Extra workbook for above ~ $29.95 

CC-TCPO-A ~ Extra answer book for above ~ $29.95

CDR-TCPO-D ~ Courseware (CD-rom disk) only ~ $159.00 

Multiple course discount: We offer a substantial discount for each additional (identical) course purchased. First course $269.00 (full price). Each additional Turning Center Programming, Setup, & Operation CD-rom course: $140.00. Each additional course includes an additional CD, an extra manual, and an extra workbook (no extra answer book is included with multiple orders since but one person can check checking answers). If you order five courses of the same title, for example, the total price will be $829.00 and will include five CDs, five manuals, five workbooks, and ONE answer book.