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Product: Software

StickFont and StickFont Editor

Developed by Scott Martinez

Quick and easy way to engrave messages on your workpieces



User interface - just type what you want to engrave!

After typing, output your G code data:


CNC commands needed to engrave shown in NCPlot (NCPlot is not included)

Features of StickFont

  • Choose from over 20 standard fonts

  • Graphics preview lets you see exactly what the finished text will look like.

  • Each line of text can be any of the available fonts.

  • Text can be multiple lines.

  • Text can be rotated to any angle.

  • Text can be wrapped on an arc in either direction.

  • Justification setting allows text to be left, center or right justified.

  • Grid snaps make it easy to align multiple lines of text.

  • Unlimited Undo/Redo.

  • Mirror setting allows text to be mirrored in either the X or Y direction.

  • In addition to G-Code output the text can also be saved to a DXF file.
    Print the preview graphics.

  • The included True Type font conversion tool allows you to mix and match with single stroke fonts.

  • Just $35.00


StickFont Editor

Create your own characters with StickFont Editor!

Features of StickFont Editor

  • Graphic interface provides intuitive tools for drawing and editing font characters.

  • Automatic cleanup tool instantly optimizes the character drawing.

  • Multiple Undo/Redo

  • The included True Type font conversion tool allows you to load and edit any font on your system.

  • Just $50.00


Delivery by download only: ** Again, download orders are processed only during regular business hours (not holidays, weekends, or evenings).



SW-STFT ~ StickFont Single License ~ $39.00 

SW-STFTED ~ StickFont Editor Single License ~ $49.00

SW-STFTEDC~ StickFont & StickFont Editor Combo License ~ $70.00 

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