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Product: Mini-Vid

Developing a Part Family Application with Custom Macro

One hour CD-rom and manual

part family mv.JPG

Provide structure to your part family programs

There are many ways to get part family programs to work.  And with simple families, structure may not be much of a concern.  But as complexity increases, the structure you use becomes more important - and can make or break the success of your application

Here we provide suggestions for structuring your application in a very effective manner.  Using a divide-and-conquer approach, we break up complex program components into easy-to-write program segments.

Discussions for individual program segments include part definition, system constants, error trapping, program zero assignment, cutting conditions, cutting tools, and machining operations.  This approach will work for any part family - and will let you concentrate on one thing at a time.

Along the way we provide examples - for both machining centers and turning centers - to stress the points being made.  Complete examples (for the finished part families) are provided in print-out form as will as text files on the included disc.  The CD-rom also includes a one-hour presentation that reinforces the material contained in the text - providing you with two ways to learn.

Product Includes:

  • Written and presented by Mike Lynch

  •  CD-rom includes instructions, one hour presentation, and example text files

  • Media player allows complete control of presentation

  • Divide and conquer approach to writing part family programs

  • Lots of examples


          Media player:

part family.jpg


MV-PF ~ Developing a Part Family Mini-Vid ~ $149.00 

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