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Product: Self-Study Manual

Parametric Programming For CNC Machines

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  • Comprehensive soft bound manual to learn parametric programming

  • 240 pages

  • Written by Mike Lynch and published by CNC Concepts, Inc.

  • $70.00

  • Get the workbook and answer booklet ($49.90) and turn this manual into an inexpensive self-study course!

Learn the best kept secret of CNC!

There are many in this industry that have never even heard of parametric programming, let alone how to apply its many features. This course will show you how to reap its benefits, giving you ways to reduce setup & cycle time, streamline programming, make machines safer to run, and in general, improve your CNC environment!

While we assume you have a good understanding of standard G-code-level manual programming as you begin this course, we assume nothing about your current knowledge about parametric programming. So when it comes to parametric programming, we start from scratch. While an elementary understanding of computer programming helps, we don't assume you have computer programming experience.

This manual covers three very popular versions of parametric programming. Fanuc's custom macro B is by far the most popular version, and is the version of parametric programming being used by any control manufacturer claiming to be Fanuc-compatible (Yasnac, Haas, Mitsubishi, Mazatrol's eia, Seikos, among others). But even if you don't have Fanuc controls, this manual also includes presentations for Okuma's user task 2 and Fadal's macro. Over 80% of CNC machines used today are covered!

All presentations are applications based. Each step of the way, we show real-world applications that you can easily adapt to your specific needs. There are plenty of examples and we stress the reasons why features are available as well as how they can help you (compare this your control manufacturer's descriptions of parametric programming).


CC-PP-M ~ Parametric programming manual ~ $70.00 

CC-PP-WA ~ Workbook/answer combo for above ~ $49.90

Note: This product is not available for delivery by downloading.

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