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Parametric Programming for CNC Machining & Turning Centers

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  • Assumes you have a good working knowledge of G code level programming

  • Learn how to apply the best kept secret of CNC!

  • Addresses five application categories (part families, user created canned cycles, utilities, complex motions, and driving accessory devices)

  • Eight lessons (activities include: viewing visuals, reading course text, taking tests, doing programming assignments, and taking class polls & surveys)

  • Narrated presentations - navigate with an easy-to-use media player

  • Mobile device friendly

  • Printable course text (over 200 pages)

  • On-going, self-paced course - enroll and begin at any time!

  • Personal assistance from your instructor, Mike Lynch

  • Includes certificate upon successful completion!

  • A great training value! Enroll today!

This course will help you master what it takes to setup develop parametric programs for CNC machining and turning centers.  We provide information about three different versions of parametric programming, including Fanuc’s custom macro B, Okuma’s user task 2, and Fadal’s macro.  Since custom macro B is the most popular version, we place the strongest emphasis on it.

There are eight lessons in this class:

  • Introduction to parametric programming

  • Variable techniques

  • Arithmetic capabilities

  • Logic and program flow control

  • Creating loops

  • System variables

  • Other features of custom macro

  • Approaching parametric programming applications


Each lesson includes a narrated video presentation, reading material (a portion of the manual that you can download, save, and print), and a test that will be graded.  Most lessons also contain one or more programming activities.  If you have questions during a lesson, answers are just an email away.

When you complete this class, you'll know what it takes to use parametric programming to develop part family applications, user created canned cycles, utilities, complex motions, and control of accessory devices..


OLC-PP ~ Parametric Programming On-Line Class ~ $199.00 

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