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Product: Online Class

Advanced Techniques with Basic CNC Features

Online Monitoring
  • Assumes you have been working with CNC machine tools

  • Learn many techniques not commonly taught in basic CNC courses

  • Find ways to reduce setup and cycle time, and to improve CNC utilization

  • Enhance your understanding of CNC machining and turning centers

  • Twenty activity-packed lessons

  • Navigate with an easy-to-use media player

  • Mobile device friendly

  • Printable course text (over 200 pages)

  • On-going, self-paced course - enroll and begin at any time!

  • Take up to 60 days to finish

  • Personal assistance from your instructor, Mike Lynch

  • A great training value! Enroll today!

In this class you will learn techniques that are not commonly presented in basic CNC classes. Note that our definition of an advanced technique is any technique that you don’t know about that can help you.  This means some relatively basis, though obscure techniques will be fair game in this class.  Techniques are aimed at shortening programs, simplifying programming, reducing setup time, reducing production run time, enhancing safety, or in some other way to help improve the utilization of your CNC machine tools.  We address both machining centers (mills) and turning centers (lathes) in this class.

Here are the twenty lessons that make up this class:

  • Lesson one: Understanding parameters

  • Lesson two: Documentation in the program

  • Lesson three: Block delete techniques

  • Lesson four: Techniques with sequence numbers

  • Lesson five: G code commonalities

  • Lesson six: Techniques with basic motion types

  • Lesson seven: Special motion types

  • Lesson eight: G04 – dwell techniques

  • Lesson nine: G10 – data setting command

  • Lesson ten: G17, G18, G19 – plane selection commands

  • Lesson eleven: G20, G21 – inch / metric selection

  • Lesson twelve: Motion manipulation techniques

  • Lesson thirteen: G40, G41, G42 – radius compensation

  • Lesson fourteen: G43 – tool length compensation

  • Lesson fifteen: G50 – spindle limiter

  • Lesson sixteen: Coordinate system manipulation techniques

  • Lesson seventeen: G73-G89 – canned cycle techniques

  • Lesson eighteen: G96 – constant surface speed

  • Lesson nineteen: M code techniques

  • Lesson twenty: T code techniques for turning centers


Each lesson includes a presentation, reading material (a portion of the manual), and a test that will be graded.  Some lessons include an additional activity that is not graded.  If you have questions during a lesson, answers are just an email away.

When you finish this class, you should be well armed to start making improvements in your company’s CNC environment.  Indeed, with the costs related to CNC machine tools, you may be able to pay for this class with the first technique you apply!


OLC-ADTEC ~ Advanced Techniques On-Line Class ~ $199.00 

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