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NCGuide Academic Package for Homework (1-year license)

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FANUC NCGuide is a very helpful learning tool for use with FANUC Certified Education CNC Training. With NCGuide, you will be able to see the tool path for programs you work on during study (among many other things).

NCGuide is FANUC control software running on a PC. It is often referred to as a FANUC simulator, but in reality, NCGuide does much more than simulate FANUC functions. Every function of NCGuide behaves just as it will on an actual FANUC control. This means when you have mastered operations in NCGuide, you will be able to perform them on an actual control. So if you can change offsets, load, edit, and run programs, and perform other important functions in NCGuide, you will be able to do so on a FANUC control.

This is the NCGuide Academic Package for Homework (one-year license). This affordably priced time-limited version of NCGuide works great for people taking CNC classes  (like our FANUC Certified Education CNC Training materials). Students will be finished with the class long before time runs out - and will have plenty of time to practice what they learned.

Current FANUC controls are supported (0iD, 0iF, 30iB, 31iA, and 31iB) as are a variety of keyboard and display screen options.


Two sample machine compositions are provided for each CNC type: a machining center and a turning center. From these template machines, you can create custom compositions to match FANUC CNCs on CNC machines used in industry.

Additional Machine Compositions

We provide two special machine compositions for a 0iD control in a zipped file that will work nicely for use with our FANUC Certified Education CNC training materials andLearning to Operate a FANUC CNC.


This is a self-extracting .zip file. Invoke it to extract all required files to their destination folders.

Detailed instructions for installing and setting up NCGuide are presented during the first NCGuide lab exercise in each FANUC Certified Education CNC Training on-line class and the Learning to Operate a FANUC CNC manual.

NCGuide Labs

As an example, here are the NCGuide lab exercises for the machining center curriculum:

  • Lesson 1.1: Initial setup

  • Lesson 1.2: Machine panel mode buttons

  • Lesson 1.3: Display screen mode buttons

  • Lesson 1.4: Cursor control

  • Lesson 1.5: Relative position display usage

  • Lesson 1.6: Work offset register entry

  • Lesson 1.7: Explore with display screen soft keys

  • Lesson 2.1: Create, load, and run a program

  • Lesson 3.1: Modify CNC programs

  • Lesson 4.1: Tool path plotting with the GRAPH display screen mode

  • Lesson 4.2: Practice with tool length compensation offsets

  • Lesson 4.3: Practice with cutter radius compensation offsets

  • Lesson 4.4: Working with workpiece coordinate system offsets


A similar set of lab exercises is provided for the turning center curriculum. NCGuide lab exercises are an integral part of our FANUC Certified Education CNC Training on-line classes and CD-rom courses.

IMPORTANT: NCGuide will run not run on Apple computers.

Bundle with Learning to Operate a FANUC CNC and save

We provide a discounted price (see below) if you purchase NCGuide Academic Package and Learning to Operate a FANUC CNC together.

Delivery note

NCGuide Academic come on a CD rom disc. NCGuide Academic uses a hardware license key. For these reasons, NCGuide and NCGuide Academic are not available for download. They must be shipped.



SW-NCG-AH ~ NCGuide academic package for homework (1 year license) ~ $216.00

FCTLTONCG ~ Bundle: NCGuide & Learning to Operate a FANUC CNC ~ $270.00

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