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Links to CNC Websites of Interest

We've collected a series of website links that should be of interest to CNC Users.

Unique CNC sites

  • techspex. - An excellent site to compare CNC machine specifications when you're looking for new CNC machines - and it's free to potential machine buyers!

Downloadable software/shareware/freeware

  • CNC Machinist's Software - Shop software for desktop computers and Palm handhelds.

  • CNC and Computer Applications - Some free downloadable software, including a neat triangle solver that works even with non-90-degree triangles!

  • Michael Rainey's Software Site - Software for CNC Students and Professionals You'll find several very inexpensive programs here, including ME Consultant Pro, ME Threads, and ME Weights. They're all designed to help you learn and make your job much easier.

  • NCPlot - Great software for testing CNC programs - very inexpensive - and it even plots Custom Macro B commands!

  • Simple CNC - An inexpensive program to help you program face milling, pocketing, drill patterns, circular profiles, and rectangular profiles.

  • - an inexpensive calculating program run in Excel.


CAM/DNC/programming/verification/machine monitoring software

  • ATD Edit - G code editor with DNC

  • Cadem Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - Conversational CAD/CAM for machining and turning centers and FREE DNC software that works with one machine.

  • - NC simulators for Sheetmetal machinery

  • Computer Aided Technology - Suppliers of the Gibbs CAM system in the Midwest (among other CIM products)

  • DP Technology - Esprit CNC Software - CAD/CAM software for the user that wants power and ease of use.

  • Easy DNC - DNC software

  • - Editing and communications software packed with time-saving features for machinists and CNC programmers!

  • Griffo Brothers, Inc.Great off-line programming and program transfer devices for Mazatrol!

  • Powerful CAM system for CNC users.

  • I-Logic Software- A great CNC text editor with plotting abilities

  • CNC software and training materials designed for the real world. Some great CNC tips too!

  • MasterCAM

  • Predator Software, Inc. - DNC and verification software for Windows platforms. Great CNC editor!

  • RinCo LLC -

  • DNC and RinCoMTM Machine Tool Monitoring Software, Low Cost with no expensive hardware to purchase, Works with most DNC Systems, Machines are monitored via the RS-232 port using a wired or wireless DNC system

  • Shop Floor Automations - DNC and networking of CNC machines

  • Suburban Machinery Software Inc. - Inexpensive software for CNC users including PC-DNC editor for Windows

  • Weber Systems, Inc. - Weber Systems provides technological abilities you can’t get from anyone else.


Training/consultants/subcontract programming

  • Advanced CNC Solutions - Advanced CNC Solutions specializes in contract CNC programming services for 3 & 4 axis CNC machining centers, multi-axis CNC mill-turn machines, 2 & 4 axis CNC lathes, CNC creep feed, cylindrical and cam lobe grinders. We have programmed many types of parts for the automotive, medical and electronics industry.

  • Hane Industrial Training- Training for all facets of manufacturing (including CNC)

  • 4 Hire-tech - Subcontract programming for CNC.

  • shoprag - Training and support for modern manufacturing.

  • Technical Training, L. L. C. - People learn best by doing, not by sitting and listening to someone talk about a subject. In our workshops we will spend from ten to fifteen minutes discussing an area. Then, the students will go right into the lab session and actually work with the devices that are being discussed.

  • The CNC Expert - A team that has come together to make a site offering technical assistance for various CNC machines. A great source for CNC machine information.

  • Top Tech Programming, Inc. - Custom  CNC programming and consulting.

  • True Precision - We quickly deliver quality programs that run efficiently and intelligently for production or prototype. Our specialty is 3 to 6 axis CNC machine programming and we support any control or machine configuration.

  • Up and Running CNC Consulting- Provides training customized to your needs. From CNC programming and CAD/CAM usage to manufacturing related subjects such as math and trigonometry, Up and Running will get your employees running at full speed. You can have your employees attend a Beginning CNC Course or an Inspection Techniques class at College of the Canyons taught by Up and Running.



  • Advanced Manufacturing Magazine-Advanced Manufacturing brings the world's best ideas — from the research labs, the boardrooms, and the factory floors — to the global manufacturing professional.

  • CNC Times- CNC TIMES is a gateway to CNC WORLD. It is an effort to bring about faster revolution in implementing CNC technology by integrating tens of thousands of CNC personnel’s knowledge in the trade. The mission of the CNC TIMES is to minimize the hardship of mankind through best use of CNC Technology.

  • Cutting Tool Engineering

  • Modern Machine Shop Magazine




Control/machine/tooling/accessory manufacturers

  • Cadent Technologies - Inexpensive portable program transfer devices. Check it out!

  • CNC Auto-Motion - Your source for custom built CNC routers!

  • Dunham Tool Company- Manufacturing high quality workholding solutions and lathes since 1958.

  • Darex Industrial- Manufacturer of drill sharpeners. This site has a great (free) classified ad section for manufacturing people. Check it out!

  • Desktop CNC-This is an informational site designed mainly for people with interests in Desktop (or Benchtop) CNC machines.

  • - One-stop shopping for machine tools and CNC! Website maintained by DPP Engineering. Technical instructors: be sure to check out this site. This company caters to technical schools!

  • - Quality cutting tools for less!

  • - Lots of great information about buying machinery and accessories!

  • FlashCut CNC - CNC PC based controls and other products for CNC users

  • MachMotion - Control panels that range from state of the art pre-configured Mach3 based CNC controls to general purpose industrial monitor workstations that can be used with any CNC machine or just as a computer workstation.

  • Makino- Manufacturer CNC machine tools

  • Marubeni Citizen-Cincom - Machine tool manufacturers of multi-axis CNC Swiss-Style turning centers

  • Memex - Fanuc & Yasnac memory upgrades, DNC software, machine monitoring, and CNC optimization services.

  • MicroKinetics Corporation - CNC software and machinery. Lathes, mills, engravers, retrofit kits, stepper motors, encoders, enclosed systems, high power driver sub-systems, etc.

  • Minitech Machinery Corporation

  • PDF Electrical Supply - Automation supplier of CNC control and axis drive components

  • PDJ - Pilot Pro CNC router

  • PlasmaCAM, Inc. - Plasma cutting machine.

  • - Information on CNC routers.

  • Sandvik Coromant - Many metal cutting products, of course, but also some great e-learning courses for metal cutting operations - and the e-learning courses are free!

  • Vega CNC - Vega CNC's, Machine Retrofits, DNC Systems, NC Post Processors, NC Back plotters and Feedrate Optimization Software


Machine/control parts and service

  • Accu Electric Motors- A premier servo motor repair center, with 2 locations, servicing USA and Canada.

  • CNC Custom Services - Customizable CNC service focused on CNC routers and CNC point-to-point machines.

  • CNC Electronics - offers CNC parts and services to the machine tools industry of the USA and Canada. Fanuc: Drives, Monitors, Controls and Systems PCBs (master and memory), Motors and Encoders, Transistors, Power Supply Units, etc. GE: Drives, Monitors, Controls and System boards (GE 2000 and GE 1050), motors, PSU. Siemens: Monitors, Drives, Systems cards, Motors, Transistors, and more. Mitsubishi: Monitors, Transistors, Motors, etc. Hitachi: Monitors, Transistors, etc.

  • CNC Monitors- CNC monitor replacement and repair for Fanuc, Siemens, GE, Mitsubishi, Mazak, Hitachi, Matsushita and more crt displays. Specialised website about CNC monitors only.

  • CNC Services- Complete machine tool service from casting to control - 15 years experience - available at $67.50/hr for labor

  • DNC Electronics-Electronic Specialists in Fanuc Repairs and CNC Parts Exchange. Fanuc drives, Fanuc controls and GE Fanuc systems boards, Fanuc, Mazak and Siemens monitors, GE Fanuc power supplies, Fanuc fuses, PCBs as needed CNC parts, or CNC spares. We offer this for CNC parts, including GE Fanuc CNC, Fanuc CNC, Siemens CNC, GE CNC, GEC CNC, Okuma CNC, Mazak CNC, Heidenhain, Mitsubishi, Matsushita, etc. (We repair Fanuc alpha, and beta drives, as well as, Fanuc servos, and Fanuc spindles).

  • Mitchell Electronics, Inc.- Specialized Industrial Test Equipment Since 1979

  • Machine Technologies Co.- Strippit Repair Parts and Repair Service on Strippit HECC80 CNC Turret Punch Press Machines.

  • Ovation Engineering, Inc.- Custom ladder modifications for Fanuc controls along with custom macro programs, retrofits, and more.

  • Parsec Engineering- CNC and Conventional Machine Tools - PLC, Motion Control and Drives- Repairs, Retrofits and Upgrades - Machinery and Parts Sales


Manufacturing jobs

  • Int'l Search Consultants- I have placed people in the machine tool industry for the past 27 years, in sales, service and applications positions. No cost to the applicant.

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