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Laser Jaw Setter

Minimize jaw mounting time on turning centers with 3-jaw chucks!

Laser jaw setter.jpg

Laser jaw setter manufactured by CNC Consulting and Training

Most three-jaw chucks used on turning centers have a series of fine serrations on master jaws and top tooling that must be properly aligned when top tooling is mounted to the chuck. But by the nature of three-jaw chucks (jaws are 120 degrees apart), it can be difficult - if not impossible - to determine the exact diameter at which each jaw is being placed in the chuck.

In addition, the fine serrations of the master jaw and top tooling make it very difficult to align all three jaws in the same series of serrations. Most setup people count the number of serrations on the master jaw in order to get each jaw into the correct serration. But time-consuming mistakes are often made.

If jaws are not properly aligned, of course, they will not run true when the spindle is started. Fortunately, this will be very obvious to the setup person. But the jaws must be removed and the entire task of jaw placement must be repeated. It is not uncommon for entry-level setup people to make several attempts before jaws are properly aligned and at the correct diameter in the chuck.

Benefits of the Laser Jaw Setter:


  • Fast and consistent!

  • Reduce time required to mount jaws - and in turn - reduce setup time.

  • Easy to use!

  • Reduces skill level required to mount jaws.

  • Simplifies three troublesome tasks!

  • Accurate jaw placement in appropriate serrations, precise diameter of jaw placement, and determination of chucking plug or ring diameter.

  • Universal!

  • Works on any turret-type turning center with a standard magnetic base (not included).


What will you save?

While it's difficult to predict the amount of time savings you'll experience (skill level of setup people vary dramatically), you should agree that it will be substantial. To be more precise, watch your own setup people. How long is it taking them to get jaws mounted and properly aligned? Using the Laser Jaw Setter, it will take an average setup person less than three minutes! (We're assuming that jaws have been removed from the previous setup and keys have been mounted in the jaws prior to starting this procedure.) Additionally, since we're simplifying the task of jaw placement, a person with lesser skill will be able to proficiently accomplish the task on the first try - time and time again.


ICNCU-LJS ~ Laser Jaw Setter ~ $250.00

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