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Product: Self-Study Manual

Getting More from Your CNC Machines

Getting more book.JPG
  • Comprehensive soft-bound manual (320 pages) to help you improve the output of your CNC machines!

  • Includes discussion of basic premises you must understand

  • Written by Mike Lynch and published by CNC Concepts, Inc.

  • $80.00

Which would you rather have - a CNC machine waiting for a CNC person - or a CNC person waiting for a CNC machine?  How you answer determines whether you consider machine utilization or personnel utilization to be a higher priority.  Ideally, of course, you want to strike a good balance between machine and personnel utilization.  But in reality - how close are you actually coming to achieving this balance?

In this tutorial manual, we begin by presenting what it takes to get in the right frame-of-mind to achieve the balance between personnel utilization and machine utilization.  We place the emphasis on ensuring that your machines are producing at a level which allows your company to achieve its goals (make a profit, remove bottlenecks, meet production schedules, etc.).  We then show countless techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Chapters include:

  • Basic premises

  • Who are you?

  • Machine utilization must dictate personnel utilization

  • Advanced techniques with basic features

  • Setup reduction principles

  • Setup reduction techniques

  • Cycle time reduction principles

  • Cycle time reduction techniques


CC-GM-M ~ Getting More From Your CNC Machines manual ~$80.00

Note: This product is not available for delivery by downloading.

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