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Learning to Operate a FANUC CNC Using the FANUC Simulator

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This set of lab exercises works with the FANUC Simulator and provides you with the hands-on practice you need to quickly master the use of a FANUC CNC. We cover CNC application for the two most popular metal-cutting machine types: machining centers (mills) and turning centers (lathes).

16 Labs:

  • Lab 1: Machine panel mode buttons

  • Lab 2: Display screen mode buttons

  • Lab 3: Cursor control

  • Lab 4: Understand the soft keys

  • Lab 5: Using the RELATIVE display

  • Lab 6: Manually activated functions

  • Lab 7M: Program zero assignment

  • Lab 7T: Program zero assignment

  • Lab 8M: Tool length compensation

  • Lab 8T: Wear offsets

  • Lab 9M: Cutter radius compensation

  • Lab 9T: Tool nose radius compensation

  • Lab 10: Create, load, and run programs

  • Lab 11: Modify CNC programs

  • Lab 12: More running & verifying programs

  • Lab 13: More program modification


Learning to operate a given CNC control model is easy if you know the functions it is intended to perform. If you understand tool length compensation, you know that a tool length compensation value for each cutting tool must be placed in a tool offset. With this prior knowledge, learning the procedure to measure a tool's length and enter it into the appropriate offset register will be relatively easy.

This material is not intended to teach you CNC from scratch. Our focus is on helping you learn operation methods for FANUC CNCs. As with the tool length compensation example, we will assume you understand related CNC features and functions. This material will show how to apply what you know to a FANUC CNC.

  • A great companion for the FANUC Simulator

  • Learn to operate a CNC in a safe environment

  • 65 activities in 16 lab exercises

  • Developed jointly by CNC Concepts, Inc. and FANUC America

  • 114 pages



CC-FCTLTOS-M ~ Learning to oper. FANUC CNC using FANUC simulator ~ $79.00