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Industry Product: Self-Study Manual

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Machining Center Programming, Setup, and Operation

2nd Edition


These are the same reading materials, tests, and exercises that are included in the on-line class. They are simply provided using a different media. The self-study manual is made up of the on-line class reading materials. The workbook contains the tests, coordinate sheet exercises, and programming activities. The answer book is used for checking your work.

The Self-Study Manual...$120

A Guide To Mastering The Use Of FANUC Controlled Machining Centers textbook, developed jointly by CNC Concepts, Inc. and FANUC America, ensures that students learn the skills that industry demands and is an important part of FANUC Certified Education CNC Training.

  • Examples provided for current FANUC control models (0i-D, 30i-B, 31i-A, 31i-B)

  • Developed jointly by CNC Concepts, Inc. and FANUC America

  • Practice exercises (with answers) included in the text

  • View the Table of Contents to see just how comprehensive this manual is

  • 404 pages


If you want to learn safe, proven, and accepted methods for programming and operating CNC machining centers, you can’t afford to miss this Key Concepts approach to learning how to apply CNC machining centers in manufacturing. The content utilizes this unique approach to introduce you to the method of programming and operation that can be applied to horizontal and vertical machining centers.

This essential 24-lesson tutorial offers step-by-step coverage of the most popular CNC equipment in a way that anyone can understand. We do assume the student possesses knowledge of basic machining practices. Whether you already work for a manufacturing company that uses CNC machining centers, or if you are trying to learn about CNC, this study manual will provide you with the skills you need to ensure correct operation of CNC machine tools.


The Workbook...$34.95

Intended to accompany the self-study manual, this workbook contains all exercises from FANUC-approved curriculum.

  • 24 tests (one for each lesson)

  • 5 coordinate sheet exercises

  • 11 programming activities

  • 114 pages


The Answer Book...$34.95

Providing a way to check answers given in the workbook, this answer book is the workbook with the answers filled in.

  • Answers to questions from 24 tests

  • Answers to 5 coordinate sheet exercises

  • Answer programs for 11 programming activities

  • 114 pages



CC-FCTMCPO-M ~ Machining Center Prog., Setup, & Oper. Manual ~ $120.00

CC-FCTMCPO-W ~ Machining Center Workbook ~ $34.95 

CC-FCTMCPO-A ~ Machining Center Answer Book ~ $34.95 

CC-FCTMCPO-MWA ~ Machining Center Manual/Workbook/Answer Book ~ $179.00   

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