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Advanced Techniques with Basic CNC Features

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4 hour, 18 minute CD-rom disk and jacket

Go beyond the basics!

So you've been working with CNC machines for a while and feeling pretty comfortable with what you know. But maybe you're self taught - and wondering if there are some things you've missed while working on your own. Or maybe you've received your training from a local technical school or a machine tool builder - and you know that they only stress the easiest (or most understandable) methods of using CNC features.


In Advanced Techniques with Basic CNC features, we'll fill in the blanks for self-taught people. And since the easiest way to handle a problem is seldom the most efficient, we'll show many alternative uses for basic CNC features. We're making anything not commonly addressed in basic CNC courses fair game for this comprehensive CD-rom course. While most techniques are easy to understand, you may be surprised at the number of advanced implications are available, even for basic features!


We define an advanced technique as any technique that you don't currently know about that can help you. Again, many of these techniques are quite basic, but just not commonly known. People with from six months to one year of experience will get the most out of this course. But even people with many years of experience may be surprised at how many techniques they are not familiar with!

We start with a lengthy presentation of basic premises for improving CNC machine tool utilization. Next we make sure students understand parameters (many of the techniques presented in this course are affected by parameter settings). We then go through the various CNC programming features that have advanced implications, including block delete techniques, sequence number techniques, a lengthy discussion of G code techniques, M code techniques, S code techniques, and T code techniques.

While most of the techniques can be applied to any CNC control model, specific examples are given in the format for Fanuc controls (note that many control manufacturers claim that their controls are Fanuc-compatible). This course focuses on the two most popular forms of CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers and CNC turning centers.

A 122 page manual is provided on the CD-rom disk in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. This manual parallels the CD-rom presentation, and will make a excellent portable reference once you complete the course.


Course Includes:

  • Presented by Mike Lynch

  • Courseware on 1 CD-ROM disk

  • 4 hours, 18 minutes of presentation

  • Information on over 30 major topics and 100 sub-topics

  • Viewable/Printable manual on the CD in Adobe Acrobat format

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is included

  • Free phone assistance


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CDR-ADT ~ Advanced techniques CD-rom course ~ $199.00 


Multiple course discount: We offer a substantial discount for each additional (identical) course purchased. First course $199.00 (full price). Each additional Advanced techniques course: $62.00. If you order five courses, for example, the total price will be $447.00 and will include five CDs (manual is supplied in PDF format on each CD).