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FANUC Certified CNC Training

Reseller Information Page - Curriculum Information and Updates

To All FANUC Education Authorized Resellers:  This information is intended to help you market the curriculum materials for FANUC Certified CNC Training. Please direct any questions/comments you have to Mike Lynch (847) 639-8847 (lynch@cncci.com).

1/26/17 - New CNC Curriculums for Advanced CNC Topics

Though these curriculums are not all that new - they've been available for over a year - we've recently had some questions from resellers who did not know about them. Click the links below to learn more about them.

12/9/16 - Comparison of On-Line versus Off-Line Delivery Options

While the content among delivery options is exactly the same, there are some subtle differences that make the on-line delivery option our recommended method. This document will help you explain the differences.

10/11/16 - If You Have a FANUC Simulator for Demonstration Purposes...

Several FANUC Authorized Education Resellers have acquired the FANUC simulator so they can demonstrate it to customers in the field. If you have one, here is a document you can download and print that will help you demonstrate the kinds of tasks the FANUC Simulator is designed to help students learn:

10/10/16 - Encourage Educators to Take a Test Drive

Curriculum for FANUC Certified CNC Training is unique. We think it provides the best entry level CNC training available anywhere and at any price. It is comprehensive, yet tutorial. It covers all relevant CNC topics, yet it can be completed in about thirty hours. And it is available to academia for a fraction of the price that industry people must pay.

Be sure your customers know that they can check out the curriculum materials before they buy. We offer a 30-day trial for the on-line delivery option, during which all content is available for viewing. To request access for one of your customers, we simply need the person's name and email address. Email this information to lynch@cncci.com. We will promptly send your customer an access code and provide instructions for how to register for trial access.

Curriculum Highlights and Product Codes

Here is a brief summary of FANUC Certified CNC Training Curriculums - and the product codes used to order them. Please call for pricing information.

iPad or Android Tablet - A Great Way To Demonstrate Curriculum!

Now you can carry FANUC Certified CNC Training Curriculum with you - and you won't even need an Internet connection! You can show your customers how easy it is to use our eLearning system. This document explains how.

New-Instructor Curriculum Process

Pass this information along to instructors who are considering FANUC certification. It explains the process (with regard to curriculum) from placing their first order through conducting their first class. Note that the process differs from the on-line to off-line (physical books) delivery option.

What is the FANUC Simulator Book and When Do I Sell It?

Actually, we have two Learning to Operate a FANUC CNC books. One is for the FANUC Simulator (FCTLTOS-M) and the other is for NCGuide (FCTLTON-M). Each book includes a series of lab exercises to help students learn how to run a FANUC CNC - with the FANUC Simulator - or with NCGuide. They are included (as .pdf files) with curriculum materials, meaning if a school is ordering curriculum, they do not need the physical book/s. If you are selling a FANUC Simulator or NCGuide without curriculum, however, you should include these materials in your quotation.

And More...

Here are some other curriculum-related documents that you should find useful.