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Thread Milling G-Code Generator

Developed by Michael Braun

The last word in thread milling!

  • Instantly create G-code commands needed to mill any thread!

  • Enter a few variables and get your thread-milling G-code

Opening screen of the Thread Milling G-code generator 

Thread milling specification settings (upper left of opening screen)

Create G-code for thread milling in seconds

Thread Milling G-Code Generator for CNC machining centers features an incredible array of highly customizable programming parameters for threading machined parts. This highly configurable program instantly produces NC code to thread mill most any thread specification using multi-tooth or single-point style threading tooling.


Provided in Microsoft Excel format, the Thread Milling G-Code Generator spreadsheet will instantly create G-code commands for thread milling based upon some simple input .  And it will automatically create a text file that you can easily copy and paste into your CNC program. 


Features and benefits

  • Designed for most Fanuc, Okuma and Siemens CNC controls

  • Thread milling of internal or external threads (straight or taper)

  • Thread milling of right or left hand threads (straight or taper)

  • Thread milling using full form multi-tooth cutter in 1 full helical circle

  • Thread milling using single point tool in continuous full helical circles (or full spiral circles for tapered threads)

  • Single point threading allows for 1 tool to cut many different pitches (Greatly reduces tooling costs!)

  • Can cut multiple arc segments per revolution with constant, increasing or decreasing radius per segment

  • Emulates spiral interpolation with multiple arc segments per revolution for tapered threads

  • Support for standard and non-standard inch and metric, NPT pipe and most other thread forms

  • Allows for multiple radial thread passes using constant depth or constant volume thread depths

  • Can perform single or multiple clean-up passes

  • Supports multiple thread starts

  • Thread mills in +Z  or -Z direction

  • Supports (G41 & G42) tool radius cutter compensation

  • Allows for auto positioning to center of hole or set distance from hole wall prior to thread cut

  • Calculates feedrate factor from tool centerline to edge of cutter for circular moves

  • Has separate user specified feedrates for cutting, XY approach and Z approach (feed or rapid) moves

  • Can intermix any of the above combinations to produce any desired thread profile

  • Performs various validations of inputted data to ensure accuracy of NC code

  • Software instantly re-calculates all data and thread milling program after changing any input variables


Note these additional advanced features:

  • Can select thread specs from stored table containing major & minor diameter & thread pitch & depth values

  • Selecting a thread spec  entry automatically loads relevant parameters for new instantly generated NC code

  • Can modify existing thread spec  entries or add new entries to (or remove entries from) thread specs table

  • More than 90 internal and 90 external thread spec  entries come pre-loaded

  • Supports option to thread mill several holes or bosses at various XY coordinates

  • Calculates cutting time for entire thread milling operation (0h 0m 0s, 0m 0s, 0s and 0.00m formats)

  • Offers extremely flexible way to add, modify and/or balance radial thread passes & clean-up passes

  • Allows for multiple axial passes when thread depth is greater than the insert height (works w/ NPT also)

  • Supports both forward (M03) and reverse (M04) spindle directions

  • Support for absolute (G90) program coordinates (in main or sub program)

  • Support for incremental (G91) program coordinates (as a sub program)

  • Can intermix any of the above combinations to produce any desired thread profile


The application

Thread Milling G-Code Generator works with a wide range of thread milling tools, including both multi-tooth and single-tooth thread milling tools. The diverse tooling utilization capabilities allow for different methods and styles of milling, such as highly precise corkscrewing and multiple revolutions for tapered threads.

Thread Milling G-Code Generator even inspects and validates inputted data to guarantee the accuracy of the NC code, ensuring optimal functionality and performance for every custom program. This functionality allows for greatly reduced programming times and removes the potential for human error.

Simply enter your desired thread mill specifications into the appropriate cells. Thread Milling G-Code Generator instantly re-calculates all data and recreates the thread milling program after you change any input variable. When you are finished, generate a (NC code) text file of current output results, by pressing the “Write Code to Text File” button. The file will be created in the user-specified folder.

The only thread milling program you need

This powerful and extremely flexible Thread Milling G-Code Generator allows you to use this one common thread milling program for tooling from any thread mill tooling vendor.

Free yourself from using a tooling vendor's thread milling software where, in many cases, you are forced to select from only their expensive multi-tooth cutters and inserts. That's why their thread milling software is free! You have to buy all of your expensive tooling from them!

Maybe you have a single tooth thread mill cutter on hand and want to use it for a rush threading job. You are locked out from using your existing tooling with their software. So is their free software really worth it? Is their free software doing what you need it to do?

This user friendly thread milling software will likely cost less than just one thread mill cutter. Unlike some other thread milling programs, this software allows you to input your cutter diameter (and all other parameters) so you can use your existing tooling.

How it works

Thread Milling G-Code Generator is MS Excel-event-driven software, relying heavily on Virtual Basic for Excel.

If a relevant cell (parameter) or combo box (drop-down list box) changes, all related cells are instantly re-calculated and new NC code will be ready to output to a text file.

The tool call-up, tool pre-select, fixture offset, coolant codes and other tool startup commands will be left out at the beginning of the created thread milling program. This is because there are many variations for these codes among different machine tools and CNC controls.

Thread Milling G-Code Generator uses tangential arc approach as the infeed method causing the tool load to build up gradually which minimizes vibration and promotes longer tool life. The thread mill cutter positions to set distance from wall of hole (or center of hole), positions in Z,  moves in XY half the distance to hole wall in straight line, arcs remaining distance to full engage of cut, does single (or multiple) full circle(s) while ramping up or down one pitch (or lead if multiple start thread), arcs off of the part, does straight line back to the XY start point and then retracts out of the hole.

Which measurement system do you use?

We have two editions of Thread Milling G-Code Generator. The standard edition generates G-code using the inch mode, even for metric threads. If you work in the Metric system, we can provide a special edition of Thread Milling G-Code Generator that generates G-code using the metric mode (in millimeters).

Unless otherwise specified, we will provide the standard/inch edition (use the "Message" box in our online shopping cart if you would like to receive the Metric edition).

Want to know more?

Download these .pdf files to view complete instructions for the Thread Milling G-Code Generator.


View these YouTube videos to see the Thread Milling G-Code Generator in action.

Download a demo of the Thread Milling G-Code Generator

We hope you've seen enough to want to know more. With our demo of the Thread Milling G-Code Generator, you'll be able to view the user interface. Combined with the descriptions here, the YouTube videos, and the .pdf instructions, we hope you have enough information to make a wise buying decision. But if you still have questions, please call call us (847-639-8847) before you buy. We cannot provide a refund for this product.

Special note:  The Thread Milling G-Code Generator uses Excel macros, so macros must be enabled within Excel in order for this product to work.  To enable macros in Microsoft Excel, click the Tools menu, then Options.  From the dialog box that appears, click the button named Macro Security.  We recommend the Medium setting, which will prompt you to enable or disable macros each time you load a file that has macros.

This demo does not generate G-code, but you will be able to see/test the user interface.


Delivery Options

You have two delivery options to acquire the fully licensed version of the Thread Milling G-Code Generator.

  • Delivery by download - Once your order is processed, we'll email you a the Excel file for this product. To activate it, the first time you open the Excel file, you will be shown a number that must be emailed to the author of the Thread Milling G-Code Generator. He will respond (usually within one business day) with and activation code.

  • CD-rom version - While more expensive, we can deliver the Thread Milling G-Code Generator to you on a CD-rom disk. Again, there is an extra charge for the CD-rom disc and for shipping.


Special notes for licensing (important!)

  • We license the computer on which you install the Thread Milling G-Code Generator. The first time you open its Excel file, you will be asked to copy down the displayed computer code for you computer and email it to the author of the Thread Milling G-Code Generator. He will respond (usually within 24 hours) with the activating license code.

  • If you want to use the Thread Milling G-Code Generator on more than one computer (home and work, for example), you must purchase two licenses. Note that additional licenses can be purchased at half the single license price.

Introduction showing main entry choices

Shows how to set up to mill a 2.0-11.5 NPT


Delivery by download: ** Download orders are only processed during regular business hours (not holidays, weekends, or evenings).

SW-TMGCGD ~ Thread Milling G-Code Generator ~ $180.00

Delivery by CD-rom (shipped to you, additional shipping charge will apply):

SW-TMGCGC ~ Thread Milling G-Code Generator ~ $205.00 

Additional licenses

We offer a substantial discount for each additional license that you purchase. You must, of course, purchase the first license at full price to qualify for the discounted price.

SW-TMGCGA ~ Additional License (download) ~ $90.00 

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