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ME Consultant Pro

Developed by Michael Rainey

Versatile and affordable machining calculator with built-in time estimating and job planning

Time and cost estimating made easy!


The Machining Calculator and Job Planner of ME Consultant Pro

The ultimate planning tool for CNC machining centers - A must-have for anyone serious about manufacturing!

Any manufacturing person can benefit from ME Consultant Pro:

  • CNC setup people, operators, and machinists...

    • Use ME Consultant Pro to calculate cutting conditions needed for your machining operations.

    • Use the helpful planning wizards and charts to get critical machining data - like drill sizes, tap drill sizes, thread data, and much more!

  • CNC programmers...

    • Use ME Consultant Pro to help plan your process and determine the cutting conditions needed in your programs.

    • Use the helpful planning wizards to help determine drill depth, tap drill diameter, counter bore size, and much more!

    • Use the comprehensive thread wizard helps you determine just about any size specification for any thread (like the small diameter of an external NPT tapered thread or large diameter of an internal NPT tapered thread).

  • Inspectors...

    • Use ME Consultant Pro to troubleshoot cutting condition and process problems.

    • Use the helpful wizards to come up with size attributes for machined surfaces (like cap screws and threads).

  • Job planners, cost estimators, and quoting people...

    • Use ME Consultant Pro to estimate the time and cost to run a job on a CNC machining center.

    • * Use the material wizard to calculate raw material costs.

  • Managers...

    • * Use ME Consultant Pro to confirm that the cutting conditions used for quoting are truly being used once you get the job.

    • * Ensure that everyone in the company is using the same cutting conditions.

  • Design engineers...

    • Use ME Consultant Pro to familiarize yourself with the machining operations that must be performed on products you design.

    • * Use the planning wizards to help determine sizes for certain machining operations - like holes sizes for cap screws.

    • * Once a cost estimate is created with Job Planner, you can easily manipulate machining criteria to compare manufacturing costs - for example, simply change the material and ME Consultant Pro will update all time and cost related data.

  • Application engineers...

    • * Use ME Consultant Pro to provide time estimates to customers evaluating your CNC machine tools.

    • * Ensure that your proposed cutting conditions do not exceed your machine's maximum horsepower.

    • * Create custom report formats that include your company's logo and contact information using Microsoft Excel.

  • Industrial education instructors...

    • Use ME Consultant Pro to help students understand how cutting conditions affect machining operations.

  • Just about anyone in manufacturing...

    • ME Consultant Pro is an essential planning tool for anyone working in a manufacturing company.


ME Consultant Pro: Covers the spectrum for your planning needs!

  • If you just need a quick speed and feed for a tool, fire up the Machining Calculator. First select the material and cutting tool. Then provide some easy information about the tool (like its diameter). The Machining Calculator will instantly respond with your needed speed and feed.

  • If you want to know how long a machining operation will take, enter just a bit more information (like the hole depth and the number of holes). Time for each hole/pass as well as the total time for the operation will be shown.

  • If you need to plan an entire job, you'll use the Job Planner. Simply string together the machining operations from the Machining Calculator into a process in Job Planner (this is done with but one click per operation). Time for each operation as well as the total time required for the job will be tracked and displayed.


When you're finished, you can easily print a report for your estimate:



























Printed job planning form from ME Consultant Pro


How it works - and why it's so easy!

Our goal is to get you answers to your planning and machining questions as quickly and accurately as possible -- with a minimum amount of input from you. Toward this end, ME Consultant Pro is integrated software. It draws its information from four sources:

  • The Configuration File

  • The selected Material Data File

  • The selected Machine Data File

  • User input


The two main modules for ME Consultant Pro are Machining Calculatorand Job Planner. When you first start-up ME Consultant Pro, you'll be shown Machining Calculator. If you only want information for an operation or two, you'll only need Machining Calculator. If you want information for an entire job, you'll also use Job Planner.

Machining Calculator: Instant answers to you machining questions




















Machining Calculator of ME Consultant Pro


Again, Machining Calculator provides instant answers to your machining questions. Based upon your selection of machine, material, and cutting tool, you'll be able to instantly view data coming from the configuration file, the selected material file, and the selected machine data. With a milling operation, your inputs for tool diameter, cut width, cut depth, pass length, and number of passes will cause Machining Calculator to instantly respond with speed in rpm, feedrate in ipm, time for each pass, total time, and horsepower required for the operation. Just what you need to know in order to plan for and program the operation!

Putting it all together with Job Planner

By itself, Machining Calculator is an extremely powerful planning tool. However, it displays but one machining operation at a time. With Job Planner (activated from Machining Calculator), you'll go through your process operation-by-operation. When you're finished entering an operation in Machining Calculator, you'll simply add it to Job Planner (with one click of the mouse). Job Planner will keep a running total for all operations. Job Planner also considers tool changing time, setup time, and material cost to provide a comprehensive time and cost study.

Job Planner also includes several powerful editing tools. With a completed job estimate, for example, you can easily play what-if. Select and operation and you can easily determine what will happen to cycle time when you modify any cutting conditions data.


The editing features of Job Planner also make it very easy to create estimates for similar workpieces: create an estimate for the first workpiece and save it. Then recall it, modify just those operations that change for the similar workpiece and save it again with a new name. It's that simple!

Job Planner files are saved in .csv (comma separated values) format, meaning they can be imported directly into Microsoft Excel. This will allow you to create your own report format, which might be especially important to applications engineers using ME Consultant Pro to create time estimates (you can include your company's logo and contact information on the time estimate report).

Planning wizards in the Machining Calculator

Most entries in the Machining Calculator are quite simple and obvious. However, there may be times when you'll need some help. We've provided several planning wizards to help you come up with entry data. In these descriptions, we do little more than present the highlights.

  • Drill Depth

    • Your print specifies that a hole must go through a 1.0 inch thick plate. With the Drill Depths planning wizard, you can quickly determine the full depth including drill point.

    • For centerdrills, countersinks, and spot drills, you can quickly determine the depth to send the tool based on a chamfer size you want to place around a hole. The Drill Depth wizard makes it easy!

    • Here's a unique feature of the Drill Depths planning wizard: You've probably been told that the drill point length for a 118 degree twist drill can be calculated by multiplying 0.3 times the drills diameter. But this standard formula assumes that the surfaces of the 118 degree included angle come to a sharp point - which they do not. The Drill Depth wizard considers the width of the drill's web when determining the drill point length, which is more accurate. While this might not be extremely critical for drills, it is very important for other drilling tools, like spot drills. You want a spot drill to machine a chamfer to a specific diameter. The depth you program is quite critical. If you use the "rule-of-thumb" and program a depth of half the chamfer diameter (for a 90 degree spot drill), you'll be sending the spot drill too deep and machine the chamfer oversize! Again, the Drill Depth wizard will determine the correct depth, considering the web at the spot drill's point.

  • Drill Chart

    • This chart provides you with instant access to a drill's diameter - for number drills, letter drills, fractional drills, and metric drills.

  • Center Drills

    • This chart provides you with the important specifications for the various center drill sizes.

  • Cap Screws

    • For standard socket head cap screws, this chart provides you with critical design and machining information, including head size with recommended counter bore diameter and major thread diameter with recommended clearance drill size.

  • Hardness

    • This chart provides you with conversions between Rockwell C and Brinell, as well as the related tensile strength for a given hardness.

  • Surface Finish

    • For turning applications, this wizard helps you determine the surface finish rendered by a specified tool nose radius and feedrate.

  • Material

    • With this very helpful wizard, you enter the raw material type and its size. The wizard then calculates the total weight needed for the job. Based upon an entry of cost per pound, it will show the total cost for raw material!

  • Threads

    • This powerful wizard provides you with all conceivable information for just about any standard thread. For example, if you need a tap drill size, simply select the thread to be machined. You'll be shown tap drill choices based upon the percentage of thread engagement you require.

    • Once you've selected a thread, you can print a report that puts it all in writing.

  • Inch/Metric entry and output

    • While this is not a wizard or chart, ME Consultant Pro has been designed from the ground up to allow you to work in either measurement system mode.


Order today!

If you've been planning jobs manually with calculator, paper, and pencil, you'll find ME Consultant Pro to be a wonderful improvement. Worse, if you've been using a seat-of-your-pants (guessing) method of determining time and cost for your jobs, you'll find that ME Consultant Pro will bring a consistent method of cost estimating to your company. It's price can be easily recovered with the first few estimates you do! Order ME Consultant Pro today!

ME Consultant Pro should run properly on any Windows 32 bit system. But if you're worried at all about compatibility issues, be sure to download and run the demo. If the demo runs on your computer, so will the licensed version.

Delivery Options

You have two delivery options to acquire the fully licensed version of ME Consultant Pro.

  • Delivery by download - Once your order is processed, we'll email you a link to an FTP site where you can download ME Consultant Pro (be sure to provide us with a working email address). Notification emails are sent during regular business hours only (not holidays, weekends, or evenings). Even so, this delivery method will save you time and money.

  • Delivery on CD-rom (shipped to you) - While more expensive, we can deliver ME Consultant Pro to you on a CD-rom disk. Again, there is an extra charge for the CD-rom and for shipping.


Version Options

ME Consultant Pro is available with an installer (.exe) or in zipped format.  The installer version installs ME Consultant Pro on your computer and places icons on your desktop for activation.  The zipped version can be extracted into any directory (folder) and will run without installation. The zipped version is portable and runs perfectly from a USB thumb drive.

Which version should you buy?

  • If you will be using ME Consultant Pro on one computer, especially a  desktop, you should buy the installer version.

  • If you want to place ME Consultant Pro on a portable memory device (like a USB flash drive) and move it from computer to computer - as is commonly the case when you want to use ME Consultant Pro at work or at home - you should buy the zipped version. 

Download a fully-functional demo of ME Consultant Pro 

We hope we've whetted your appetite and that you want to know more. With this fully functional demo of ME Consultant Pro, you'll be able to work with ME Consultant Pro for ten days. You'll also have full access to the User Guide (instructions) which provides detailed descriptions of all entry/answer fields.

After checking out the demo, we're hoping you have enough information to make a wise buying decision. But if you still have questions, please call call us (847-639-8847) or email us before you buy. We cannot provide a refund for this product.

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Zipped version (runs from a portable memory device):

Delivery by download: ** Again, download orders are only processed during regular business hours (not holidays, weekends, or evenings).

SW-MEPZD ~ ME Consultant Pro Single License (zipped)~ $129.95

Delivery by CD-rom (shipped to you):

SW-MEPZC ~ ME Consultant Pro Single License (zipped) ~ $154.95

Installer version (is installed on your system's hard drive):

Delivery by download: ** Again, download orders are only processed during regular business hours (not holidays, weekends, or evenings).


SW-MEPID ~ ME Consultant Pro Single License (installer)~ $129.95 

Delivery by CD-rom (shipped to you):

SW-MEPIC ~ ME Consultant Pro Single License (installer) ~ $154.95

Additional licenses

Need more than one license? We offer a substantial discount for each additional license for ME Consultant Pro that you purchase. You must, of course, purchase the first license at full price in order to qualify for the discounted price.  In the "comments" at the end of your order, please specify which version (installer or zipped) you want.

SW-MEPA ~ Additional License (download) ~ $65.00