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FANUC Certified Online Classes

FANUC Certified materials have been developed jointly between CNC Concepts, Inc. and FANUC America. They cover current FANUC CNCs, including the 0iF and 30 series FANUC CNC. FANUC Certified online classes provide a FANUC-recognized certificate of completion when students successfully complete a class.

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FANUC Certified: Machining center programming, set up and operation online Class
This online class emphasizes three-axis vertical machining centers and four axis horizontal machining centers. It includes content for rotary axes, which are required for five axis machining centers.

Turning center programming, set up and operation online class
This online class emphasizes two axis, fixed headstock turning centers. It also includes content for live tooling and the C-axis, as are required for mill/turn machines.

Parametric programming with FANUC Custom Macro online class
This online class teaches how to enhance what can be done with G-code programs. Students will learn how to use all computer-related and CNC-related features of Custom Macro, which is the most popular version of parametric programming.

FANUC Usage and Maintenance online class 

This online class teaches a variety of general  CNC operation and maintenance tasks. Students learn how to diagnose and remedy common alarms and troubleshoot the CNC when issues arise.

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