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Seminar attendance permission letter

Here is a form letter you can use to request permission from your manager to come to the Getting More From Your CNC Machines seminar.  It stresses the seminar's benefits in a way that any boss should approve.  You can cut and paste it into a word processor.  Just remember to add the correct names!


Dear <Manager name>,

I’m writing to request permission to attend the “Getting More From Your CNC Machines” 2-day seminar. Conducted by CNC Concepts, Inc. and taught by industry-expert Mike Lynch, it will be held on July 7th and 8th at the Sandvik Coromant Productivity Center in Schaumburg, Illinois. You may know of Mr. Lynch from his monthly column CNC Tech-Talk in Modern Machine Shop Magazine or from one of the many CNC textbooks he’s authored. He’s been around the industry for a long time and has an excellent reputation for training people in the field of CNC technology.

The seminar I’m hoping to attend is divided into four sections, and each is of primary interest to our company’s needs. First we’ll be studying a series of advanced techniques with basic CNC functions. I’ll surely learn several tricks and shortcuts that will help me do my job better.

Second, we’ll be studying the principles and specific techniques required for setup reduction. I’ll learn what it takes to reduce the time that a machine is down between production runs.

Third, Mr. Lynch will present the principles and techniques required for reducing the time it takes to complete a production run. I’ll be learning what is required to shorten cycle times – not just during the CNC cycle – but for everything that happens during a production run.

And fourth, I’ll be exposed to parametric programming – and will see many real-world applications for this very powerful programming feature.

We’ll surely be able to pay for this seminar with the savings I’ll achieve by applying just one or two of the techniques shown in this seminar.

A 320 page course manual, as well as a manual including many parametric programming examples, is provided to give me a permanent reference for the class. And, I’ll be offered free phone or email assistance should I need help applying any of the techniques I learn.

I think this seminar is an outstanding value, considering how concentrated it is with time and cost savings ideas – ideas that, once implemented, will have a direct and positive impact on our bottom line. If we register on or before June 26th, 2009, the seminar cost is only $315.00 – after that, it’s $350.00. And there is an additional discount should we decide to send more than one person ($280.00 each if we register by June 26th).

Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity for me to attend the this seminar. Please let me know if you need additional information about the sessions. I look forward to hearing a positive response to my request.